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Wingman Gift Box Turns Up the Holiday Heat!

Kluckr Wingman Gift Box

Last Minute Gift for Guys, UNDER $25


It’s the Ultimate Boys Night Out! 


New York, New York — Kluckr Communications announces today the launch of the KLUCKR WINGMAN GIFT BOX, just in time for the holiday season.  Brought to you by the company that launched the new iPhone application and website tailored to the wing connoisseur, the gift box is the perfect last minute gift idea for the man that has everything except guy time. Every man needs a good excuse to get out of the house, spend some time with “the guys” and enjoy some wings.  That’s why this gift box is tailored for the ultimate boy’s night out for the wing connoisseur. The Kluckr Wingman Gift Box is sure to spice up any man’s holiday season. 

Designed for one host and three friends, the gift box includes: 

  • KLUCKR $10 VISA GIFT CARD: Perfect for purchase of the first round of wings. Valid at any establishment that accepts credit cards.
  • KLUCKR “A NIGHT OUT WITH THE GUYS” COUPON: Allows for a night out with ‘no questions asked’ from wives or girlfriends. Valid for host and three buddies.
  • KLUCKR “HALL PASS” COUPON: Kids don’t worry- dad won’t be out too late, but don’t ask what time he is coming home!
  • KLUCKR HAT: Chicks dig it.
  • KLUCKR GIFT BOX: Easy carryall to any wingding with double handles.
  • KLUCKR HAND WIPES: Clean up the mess before you fly the coop! 


What guys really want is a night out with their buddies,” says founding Kluckr, Mark Gilmor.No kids and no explanations to their wives as to what time they will be home."

The Kluckr Wingman Holiday Gift Box retails for $24.99 and is sold exclusively at

With the tag line: ‘For the Wing Connoisseur, by the Wing Connoisseur,’ the Kluckr consumer determines a wing joint’s popularity. Users can add, rate and review over 23,000 wing joints across the country through the Kluckr iPhone application or through the online community at or by calling 203-604-691.