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(206) 706-4036
7818 Greenwood Ave North
Seattle, WA 98103
This place has the best wings. I'm not sure what they do to them with spices and sauces, but they are amazing. They probably have 30 different styles. They have a 7-alarm wing (you can only buy one) and it is the hottest and worst thing I have ever experienced. My lips still burn a little when I think about it. I prefer the 3-alarm. Service can be a little slow when it's busy, but definately worth it. I drive about 15 miles to get to this place when I want wings. Since trying these about 2 years ago, I haven't gone anywhere else. In fact, writing this review has made me crave them, I think I'm going to get some for lunch...
Let me first say I came with big expectations based on the name alone. The place gives the impression of being a wing paradise but instead I found good (but far from great ) wings that were a far cry from what I had hoped. I tried the five out of seven alarm and did not even break a sweat and the price was around 50 bucks for two people with two beers. Save your money and find a local pub or maybe go for happy hour at this joint because it's nothing special. On a side note the staff were super friendly and they have a full bar so check em out if your in the area.
I thought this place rocked. I heard about it from The Men's Room on KISW so I checked it out. I was not disappointed. The wings had a fair amount of meat on them and the sauce applied to them had lots of flavor. Good value, good service, check it out.
Enjoyed the wings here. Interesting sauces, house made and unique. 7 alarm wings were HOT!