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Basa Basa
2013-02-06 16:39:16
I had high expectations for a shop making Korean chicken wings. When done properly KFC is absolutely superior. I have not had the luxury to try some of the more prized establishments but my hair brained home experiments have yielded better results than this joint. The balance of sauce and crunch is just off and the sauces are totally impotent. I'm no food writer so I will end on this sentiment. No bueno.
Wing Central
2012-08-06 22:09:06
The wings were cooked to crispy perfection. There was a variety of sauces with peculiar names and it would have been nice to see better descriptions of the flavors. I did not get the burn I crave from any of the sauces but the were good regardless. Very friendly ladies serving here!
Flyin' Hawaiian
2012-04-01 19:26:01
This Hawaiian food cart serves up an impressive variety of tropical and asian inspired wings. The pineapple habanero is excellent and I will definitely be back to try all the sauces. Stop by for tasty wings and friendly conversation.
Bruceski's Buffalo Wings and Pizza
2011-05-11 23:35:38
I really had high expectations for this place. While the wings were perfectly cooked and plump the sauces all tasted pretty similar and lacked the fiery kick I crave. Good, friendly service but a bit of a letdown for those craving variety.
King's Wings
2011-04-26 02:33:14
I can't believe this chicken wing cart went under my radar! The wings are plump and perfectly crispy. Only got to try a few sauces which were good but nothing outstanding (to be fair I'll have to try them all!). The garlic parmesan dry rub was exceptional. Look forward to going back to sample all the sauces and the plethora of other fried treats on the menu.
Curbside Grill
2011-01-12 01:57:59
This food cart in SE Portland does chicken right. Wings are plump, crispy and drenched in sauce. I tried the hot, a blazing cayenne based inferno that left me craving more the moment I laid my final bone to rest, as well as sweet chili which was also tasty. The remaining flavors I have yet to try will be calling my name real soon.
Claim Jumper Restaurant
2011-01-06 00:10:15
Standard buffalo style wings served crispy with blue cheese dressing. Nothing exceptional but still delicious.
Clemintine's Bistro & Bar
2010-12-07 10:45:34
This southern food joint serves up super crispy wing's tossed in Secret Aardvark habanero sauce with house made blue cheese dressing. Delicious.
Cassidy's Restaurant
2010-10-26 23:54:54
This place has a great happy hour and I am glad to see the wing trend catching on at one of my favorite late night places. They serve confit chicken wing's with habanero blue cheese dressing. The wings are crispy and tasty but I find myself craving messy, spicy sauce. The dressing is good but a little mild for my taste. Worth a try.
Dancin' Bare
2010-09-29 21:37:26
I have to say the wings here were no good. They were overbooked and tasted like they had been stowed away in the freezer far too long. But hey! When your at the Dancin Bare I don't think your going for the wings!
Sassy's Bar & Grill
2010-09-22 23:33:54
The wings are are not band for strip club food but they seem a little pricey for how few you get. They only serve one flavor, the old Frank's and butter standby, but your not going to Sassy's for the chicken!
Acropolis Steakhouse
2010-09-14 19:09:06
Acropolis is a legendary portland strip club and the food is super cheap. The wings are fried and tossed in Franks, bar standard style. If you want hot wings with a way hotter view then get your butt to Acrop.
Mee-Sen Thai Eatery
2010-09-12 09:34:01
This restaurant offers good spicy Thai cuisine but more importantly they also serve wings. Flavors include basil, orange, larb, sweet and sour, and peanut. A lot of wing joints offer a variety of asian influenced sauces but Mee Sen is the real deal! Not to be missed.
Pizza Schmizza
2010-07-26 00:13:03
I am usually skeptical of wings from pizza joints but the hot and spicy wings from Schmizza were pretty good. They were not as mushy as baked wings usually are and they had just enough kick. They have hot and BBQ for sauce and are worth giving a try if your grabbing a slice
2010-07-21 01:09:04
What new can I say about Hooters? Cheers to this joint for having hot women serving cold beer and hot wings. While they may not have the most spicy and delicious wings around they are good and the atmosphere is always fun.
2010-07-18 09:16:12
Let me first say I came with big expectations based on the name alone. The place gives the impression of being a wing paradise but instead I found good (but far from great ) wings that were a far cry from what I had hoped. I tried the five out of seven alarm and did not even break a sweat and the price was around 50 bucks for two people with two beers. Save your money and find a local pub or maybe go for happy hour at this joint because it's nothing special. On a side note the staff were super friendly and they have a full bar so check em out if your in the area.
Suki's Bar
2010-05-27 23:48:22
Wednesday is wing night at this karaoke bar and the wings are awesome. Sauces are on rotation and includes dry rub wings as well. Check em out!
Rockin Wings
2010-05-08 06:35:58
This place is just great. They do the traditional wing justice but also dish up a dizzying array of unique sauces. Wings are extra crispy and saucy. Look forward to future visits!