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Pinnacle sports grill
2015-02-07 05:55:19
Good selection to pacify most tastebuds. "Necked" fried and tossed, wings are presented quite hot with your choice of ranch or blue cheese dipping sauce. Pub offers home-fried potato chips in-lieu of tortilla as pre-starter, as well as a moderate tap selection.
Old Chicago Pasta & Pizza
2012-08-03 11:59:48
First, this is a pizza joint. But, the hot wings are worth your tasting! Paired with one of the largest beer selections in the city, you can't go too wrong. The spiciest wings are loaded with flavor over heat, but fear not - while not as hot as BWW's Atomic, these will still cause a pleasant bead of sweat on your brow. Enjoy!
2011-08-21 02:37:49
Heard good things about the Wing Stop, but didn't let it sway my review. Dining in is restrictive due to limited seating, although there is outdoor seating available, it's been too bloody hot in Oklahoma to tread too far from the AC! The name works well for the menu: Wings - Stop, that's it. Yeah, there's fries & bevs (BOTH ;) kinds) and those lowly "boneless wings." 6 flavors: Teri-yucky, lemon-pepper, mild, regular hot, cajun, and atomic. Range is from meek to mighty! The cajun's flavor was not what I expected; good flavor & heat, but not the standard "Cajun." The Atomic could have BWW's Blazing sauce warning; very dark sauce (I thought it was the Cajun at first-look, but one sniff was enough to set the record straight). Dipping sauces include: ranch, blue cheese, & honey-mustard?! Although the fries were hot & fresh, they were limp; suggest the wings-only platters & add a drink, who need the extra starch anyway? Will definitely be eating here again!
Bricktown Brewery Restaurant
2011-08-06 23:17:46
Great atmosphere, very attentive staff, nice bev selection (brewed on-site). The wings, however, are non-breaded & crispy but border on the mild. I had to kick it up with Tabasco & Siracha!
Sparks Wing Cafe
2011-03-29 08:29:21
Warning: NOT family dining (sign on door forbidding the smoking of weed in or on premises - really?!) Friendly staff, but just a bar that self promotes "Towns best wings" ; uh, in a word: NO.
Francar's Buffalo Wings
2011-03-26 16:05:57
CLOSED: Damn recession!
Logan's Roadhouse
2011-03-02 12:46:00
I know, it's a road house steak joint! But I'm a wingaholic! Wings were good sized and full of flavor. Though I would not go here just for them, they are worth adding to your appetizer selection (and you get to throw peanut shells on the floor!).
WOW Cafe & Wingery
2011-03-02 12:35:39
Read several negative reviews on other sites, but had to get my wings fix and love new adventures. The location in Warner Robins was a surprise! A TV in each booth and a pleasant "Bubble wall" divides the dining area from the bar. They have a decent selection in the standard Pub/restaurant fare. Tried the 15 wing plate with Buffalo XIII, Chili Thai, and Italian flavors. The Buffalo is their hottest and was quite so, with out abandoning flavor, the Chili Thai was more Gen. Sows' Chinese take-out, and the Italian with as a nice zing and surprised with grated parmesan cheese. Paired with fried mushrooms and a fair tap selection, I was quite satisfied, and so was my lunch date!
Bruceski's Buffalo Wings and Pizza
2010-10-19 02:25:26
Jalapeño hot (just Franks-ish with jared peppers in it), or habeñro (sans peppers). Large portions but average style/taste. Try the pizza.
Olympic Club
2010-10-19 02:19:14
Quaint and eccentric, the Olympic Club is a good destination diner; enjoy dinner in the ample theater or with a round pool, just avoid the average Franks (TM) wings.
Sanford's Grub & Pub
2010-09-08 19:10:06
Ate in a group of 30, great decor/atmosphere and service. Your choice of Buffalo, BBQ, or Bourbon; ordered "as hot as you can". Great flavor, but not too hot. Good selection of adult beverages, draft and bottled. Def. do again-able!
2010-05-10 13:54:13
Some of the hottest wings I've found locally; not breaded (personal pref.) More of a bar/pub atmostphere than family-style: not kid friendly, but not prohibited. Well worth the effort to find if not familiar with the area.