"Shut your kluckr" Tuesdays presents fashion "don'ts" for men looking for women


Butt Crack

The crack of love 

It’s a good look for some…actually no it isn’t a good look for anyone. If you sense your waxing gibbous is sticking out, pull up your pants and get a belt.









The Backwards Baseball Cap

Cappin it


You ever see ten guys walk into a room with their caps on backwards? Not a good look. Its cute on little kids, it necessary when playing some sports, but if you are going out to meet women lose the cap.



Baggy Pants Hanging Off Butt

Three looks all bad



Do we really have to go into this? Really.



Fanny Packs 

Chuck Norris fanny pack 

It’s a good thing to wear when you climbing Mount Everest, in 40 mile an hour winds, in 50 below weather, looking for that last karabiner with your cold frost bitten hands…its bad any other time(unless you are Chuck Norriss)


The Socks with Sandals Debacle




Never a good look 

There are so many references on the web about the this I shouldn’t have to mention this but like drugs…don’t do it.




Never looks good


If there are men that still think they look better with three strands of hair grown extra long to cover the obvious balding going on than you could be beyond help.