Once again, I Torch have come across some Mother Kluckin' killer wing-themed goodness. If you're like me, you may find those times where you really want to bust out with some cutting-edge fashion, A.K.A. Supa-Hot Wing Wear, but you may not have come across the right look at your local mall or men's store. Well now you're in luck because I am here today with a few fashionable finds for him and her along with some other great house and holiday items.


First, lets start at the top (which would be your head of course). Check these wing bedecked beauties out along with another more classic hat style:Ladies Hot Head FashionsRetro Wing Hat

Of course we have to go straight from HEAD to TOE! So check out these his and here Wing Kicks from Adidas:

His Winged Basketball Shoes from AdidasHot Wing Shoes for her by Adidas

Last but not least, we will finish off with a few other hot gift ideas. First, of course earrings for your favorite lady!

Wing Earrings for Her

And finally we will wrap this fashion forward report by Torch with house warming and/or holiday time gifts for the host or hostest with the mostest!

Yes this is what it looks like: Wing Hand Soap. And for Merrier Days you may want to deck your halls, trees, or anywhere with this!

Wing Hand SoapWing Decoration

When it comes to the hottest of hot, the Wing Biz is notorious for great names for the flame! A label that truly does the Spiciest of Spicy, the Hottest of Hot, the Superior of Scovilles—feel like I am naming Babe Ruth! But in all fairness, the Sultan of Swat is a great comparison. He wasn’t just a good ballplayer, he was bigger than life. Like a ghost pepper in a stadium of bell peppers, he brought the heat and the world labeled him accordingly.

Flaming Wings

Here are a few of the names I have come by in my wing-tasting walk-about: Inferno, Three Mile Island, Braveheart, Scorchers, Atomic, Ghost Wings, Melt Your Fillings, 3-Alarm Fire, Molten, Volcano, and Barn Scorchers. Keep an eye out for other creative ways that people name the flame.

So once again, Dads everywhere get their special day. Loved ones recognize them for being great dads. A great day that for some presents a problem, because it can be hard to find the perfect gift that says, “Dad, you rock!” Well look no further, Torch is here to tell you that you can say it with a wing. Not only are they man’s best, fried friend, but also totally customizable so pops can pick the perfect flavor!

Winged Goodness 

Want to get out of the house? Lucky for you we have some ideas on where wings will be. Or you can get them to go and host a Father’s Day wing fling at home. Why settle for some other meal when the hot wing is there to spice up Dad’s dinner — or lunch for that matter. You could even go all out and wake him up with a wing breakfast in bed! Now that’s one for the Father’s Day record books!


So don’t despair fellow kluckrs, Torch is here to tell you that Father’s Day is the perfect platform for a wing-laden way to recognize the man that brought you into this world. You may get Mom a dozen roses, but this Father’s Day you can give dad a dozen deep-fried wings that say “Pop you’re the greatest” every delicious step of the way.

As you all know, I Torch can be one outspoken Mother Kluckr! But in this case I am humbled.

Memorial Day's Long Gone

Humbled by those brave and honorable souls that gave the ultimate sacrifice for the love of their country. Thank you. And as I searched through so many powerful images this powerful salute did offer a little "wing-spiration."

F-16 Fly Over in Rememberance

Executed by fighter pilots, recognizing fallen comrades with one jet dropping out of formation,
this respectfully says it all. Again, thank you. We remember you. We honor you. Torch out!

Well this is one of things that you just have to see to believe. Sounds different yes, but...when you think a corn bread cupcake with a whipped blue cheese icing and a true-to-life Hot Wing on starts to sound like innovative thinking! Check it out for yourself: