As you all know, I Torch can be one outspoken Mother Kluckr! But in this case I am humbled.

Memorial Day's Long Gone

Humbled by those brave and honorable souls that gave the ultimate sacrifice for the love of their country. Thank you. And as I searched through so many powerful images this powerful salute did offer a little "wing-spiration."

F-16 Fly Over in Rememberance

Executed by fighter pilots, recognizing fallen comrades with one jet dropping out of formation,
this respectfully says it all. Again, thank you. We remember you. We honor you. Torch out!

Well this is one of things that you just have to see to believe. Sounds different yes, but...when you think a corn bread cupcake with a whipped blue cheese icing and a true-to-life Hot Wing on starts to sound like innovative thinking! Check it out for yourself:


We can all respond by naming some pepper or hot sauce and we would be right. But, whose the culprit behind this sweet, sometimes scornful heat that some of us wing lovers pursue with a passion? Capsaicin, a chemical compound that stimulates “chemoreceptor nerve endings” in the skin.


Now, for those not in the know, a pharmacist called Wilbur Scoville created the Scoville Scale. It is the method that rates the spice, kick, fire, burn, etc.

 Scoville Scale












On the scale, pure Capsaicin has a rating of 16,000,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU’s). Now let’s compare that to Tabasco at 3,500-8,000 and Habaneros at 100,000 to 350,000. Some may have even braved the Ghost Chili at over 1,000,000, but 16 million? Your mouth would just explode in flames and you could die — no pure Capsaicin wings for me or you!


Now at 1.5-2.0 million, the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion has been named the new reigning champion of hot peppers! Said to have a tender fruit-like flavor that starts out not too bad, but then it starts to build and build and….BURRNNNNN!

 Trinidad Moruga ScorpionGuy eats Moruga Trinidad


At 1.5-2.0 million SHU’s that may be too much Capsaicin for any one wing, but it does sound almost tempting. So next time you get the Atomic-level wings remember, Scoville’s got your number — just check the scale and see where you’re dinner falls. This guys was in the 2.0 million range and he was definitely feelin' the BURNNNNNNN.

Isaiah vs the Moruga Scorpion

First off, I don’t follow every star-studded, real-life soap opera. But, like everyone, I do get stuck reading the gossip-rag headlines at the grocery store—I just wanted to make sure I didn’t lose any street cred with my wing-loving brethren! And what’s always the top story? The newest celebrity couple! Most implode by the time their next project starts, but in certain strange cases the odd couples just work.

TomKat-the Cruise Power Duo


And, most importantly, the same holds true for new and unique wing flavor combinations. What is it about the perfect chemistry that can come from the strangest of pairings?


So many times, all it takes is one taste to realize that it just works. All of a sudden the spicy heat of one key ingredient gives way to a slight tang or sweetness and you know. You just know. This is a pairing that was always meant to be. Honey and cayenne, Asian-inspired orange with a hot kick, the combinations are endless.


So when it comes to your wing wanderings, take a lesson from the Hollywood hit couples and try new and unusual flavor combinations. Not everyone is going to work — like Whoopie and Ted Danson for example — but when they do, you’ll be the envy of every Mother Kluckr out there!

Like everyone else in America, I too went to see the Avengers rock Loki’s world as they banned together for one badass brawl. And as I sat eating my popcorn and wondering why more Movie Theatres don’t sell hot wings at their concessions, I started to think of all the wing-inspired super costumes worn by comic land’s bravest and best.


First, of course, there is Thor’s winged helmet. He didn't bust it out it in the Avengers, but it was part of his battle-gear in his recent return to the big screen. Some say it was inspired by the wings of mercury, but we all know how those vikings like to eat.


Thor sporting his traditional winged helmet














Captain America is also a proud wearer of the wing, though recent movies have made his less prominent — they’re painted on. Are we offended? Not I! The only wings you’ll see me wearing are the skin-searing hints of wing-sauce that cover your hands and face when you eat wings right!


Today's Modern Day Captain AmericaOriginal Comic Book Captain America


Of course let us not forget some of our other winged-out warriors in the JLA.

Justice League of America


And, last but not least, there is the Torch — not our Torch, Kluckr's Captain of Wingdustry — but, both received their names due to their affinity for firey goodness. One has molten buffalo wings while the other radiates with the heat of 1,000 suns — or 1 ghost pepper! Maybe it's like when you get STUPID-HOT wing sauce on your face and it starts to burn.


The Human Torch


So don’t let evildoers turn you away from your wing-loving ways. As the Fantastic Four's Human Torch would say — FLAME ON fellow Kluckrs. Now be a real super hero and eat your fire-laden, fried chicken flyers with pride!