Shut your Kluckr Tuesdays presents top 5 reasons it is good that the rapture didn’t happen:

5.            No one wants to be killed by maniacal cyborgs...they just don't.


4.             We would have missed the opening of Transformers 3 and we all know that is the end of the world. Some reason the video isnt coming up.

3.            Not sure hot wings exist in heaven and kind of reluctant to test that theory.

Stairway question

2.            Really want to see how this whole Libya thing pans out.

Do these glasses make me look "down with the people"?

1.            The real estate market is so volatile…do I really want a bigger pad with a view?

Room with a view


I'm just sayin!

Mysteriously it seems only one person ascended into heaven at 6pm on Saturday.

Thats right, not surprisingly, it was our mascot torch.

 Torcy in rapture



In an effort to find truly the BEST wings  anywhere…he decided to up the ante in every sense of the word. Torch did all the right things, including but not limited to, eating his veggies with a side of Blue Cheese, making his bed, thanking his waiter or waitress everytime a plate of hot delicious wings was placed in front of him, forgiving those who had mediocre wings and tried to pass them off as great wings. He was truly a most generous bird.

Yes he did all the right things and ascended on Saturday at 6. He was back at 6:07! Apparently, in heaven, they don’t let you eat wings with your hands!!! This is a deal breaker in Torch’s book. Any suggestions where he could find eternal spicy wings he could eat with his hands?

Yes the title may sound like bad take out, but our first update in a few months is coming out for our iphone app.



What, praytell, is Geofencing? As you know on your iphone we already geo-locate where each of our restaraunt partners are (as it relates to your position) so we have taken the functionality one step further. If a restaurant wants to send out killer deals for you kluckrs only, and you are near a location, a great deal will be sent your way via notification. These message will be sent respectfully and will not intefere with any part of your life unless the deal is too good to be true. This is really exciting for us and we think you will love it to. We have the ability to create rules that will severly limit the amount of notifications you receive and we are starting conservative first. Only the best deals will be sent your way.

Send your comments to if you have any ideas on how to do this even better.