If you dont believe my Atkins blog then you have to believe this guy!! Admittedly not a professional actor but he gets it done.

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Its amazing the hype around wings these days. What most of us have known for a while is now showing itself throughout the media. NY Times, USA today and last week National Public Radio is saying that wings are the thing. Prices from a wholesale perspective are now outpacing the breast pound for pound and the classic laws of supply and demand are in full effect. This is making the 10Cent wing a thing of the past. Moment of silence please!

Hear or read the NPR story here.

Support your favorite wing joints as competition is high and will only get more competitive as time goes on. 

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This would be a great movie title no matter what... but here is an amateur wing eating contest that is off the wall with terrific prizes in the Arizona area. Sign up or just spectate!

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Battle of the Bone