Yes, it is cyber monday the official start of the online shopping season. Can you buy wings online and have them sent to your home? Yes you can. Anchor Bar(, the birthplace of Buffalo wings is one such place. Over the next week we will introduce other places to get your cyber appetite going.

Friday Michael Garfield, the nationally syndicated radio host known as the "High tech Texan" interviewed us for his Houston radio show. This guys is passionate about his wings. We will be posting an excerpt  of that game changing interview in the next couple of days...check it out. What a terrific guy. Nice to know that the Kluckrs are klucking.



We had a great time at the big Virginia Tech game. Many thanks to Steve Hole and the whole Virginia Tech bunch. Great wings, by the way, at the Pourhouse. A very pleasant surprise. Hope all you terrific Hokies register for the site as you all seem to know your wings. Big shout out to Adam, Laura and the whole gang that were so welcoming.



Yesterday was our highest volume day since the launch - thank you Darren Rovell from CNBC for blogging about us!
As we are 3 weeks live - we want to hear what YOU like or we need to pay attention to about the site or app! Write to me. My personal address is!

We had over 200 new wing places added yesterday alone. We are counting on each of you wing lovers to tell us about your favorite wing joint to continue to populate our wing database! 

Long live the wing!

We posted yesterdays offer on our Facebook. Our hope is that we get our guys and gals who serve to know we love them.