Stay tuned for an update...We haven't stopped since friday morning at 4:30 and we are running on pure adrenaline.

Who’s the wing expert?

Kluckr was created for the wing connoisseur by the wing connoisseur.  That means that we are wing lovers but more importantly YOU are wing lovers! Who can honestly get to every wing joint and rate and review them? It would take forever for us to do it. But if each of you add rate, and review we will have the best wing locator possible. 

We are excited at this proposition because you have already started. In 3 days of the website and iphone app being available over 600+ new places have been added. 

We are going to improve this application for you but you have to do us a favor. Add your locations. Rate and review the locations and tell people. If we all work together we can cinch up this project and make the world a slightly better place for all of us. By the way, Each time you add, review or tell some friends we will give you points. 

Those points will help you move up the echelon from wingman on…and who knows maybe we will throw in some rewards on the way. 

So to answer the question in the title: The answer is we all are…and only together we will make THE location finder for the wing connoisseur. 

Keep Klucking.



Three letters… two of which are the same… and spelled the same way backwards. A pretty powerful word when used correctly.


To the friends of Kluckr that made this day possible, thanks. Each of you have been so darned supportive we cannot begin to express our appreciation.  This past week we finally launched an all media attack including Kluckr hitting the Reuters Billboard in Times Square. . . From Facebook to Twitter- Kluckr has finally arrived.

Actually, to be serious, we are VERY excited for everything Kluckr is right now and will be in the future (hint hint). We have tactical plans and grand plans. First revision will take care of the bugs you tell us about. The future will have more noticeable changes. Can’t be any more vague than that.

 We really hope our fellow Kluckrs take advantage of adding places, reviewing and rating, creating big nights out  and telling friends. It won’t work if you think the 21,000+ locations are sufficient or your vote doesn’t count. So get on in there and make us smarter. It shouldn’t be too hard.

 Now back to the business at hand....wings. 

Remember you are the experts so keep on adding, rating, reviewing, and  Klucking!

We need your comments and suggestions. 



When munching on your favorite wing at your favorite wing joint do you ponder "How would I categorize this wing"? No you wouldn't. Except with an occasional expletive basted sentence like "This klucking wing is klucking hot!". Little did you know at the time but you just categorized a wing and then you promptly dug in again. We, at Kluckr, took roughly the same approach, with a little process drizzled on top.

We started with:


It seemed obvious enough. Give the experts the ability to tell each other just how hot the wings are. So an example would be a rating of 2 Chickens maybe a mild wing perhaps with a quick bite on the tail end. While 5 Chickens would leave you sweating over a plate of wings in anticipation mixed with exhaustion. 


Frankly, variety can be a great thing. The more variety the more chance that the place:
  • Cares about wings and;
  • Will get at least one of the flavors right. 
So long live variety...the spice of life.


Wing joints are not renowned for their level of service but here is an opportunity to call it out. Fact is, you dont really notice when the service at a wing place is bad, but you really notice when the service is good. Share your comments here. Guide us, fellow Kluckrs. 


At Kluckr, if a place is nice, wings are good, we can watch the game and the people are cool... You've got us. If we detect any attitude, which we all have, then buh-bye. Life is too short.


Not a guiding factor as it is an approachable price point usually, but sometimes you get that place that believes its wings have kissed by God and you pay a premium. This will allow places to check themselves and their pricing, and you can help. For places that provide good wings at a bargain, this Bud's for you.

So, as you can see, no one can deny the pure science behind the categorization of wings that we have applied here.  We at  Kluckr are sure CERN would like to get their greasy hands on our formulae but alas, it is ours alone. As that park ranger once said way back "Only you can prevent poor wing experiences, only you". Keep klucking you ol' Kluckrs. 

Welcome to KLUCKR, the premier location finder for the wing connoisseur. As this is our first blog we should start with the basics.

Who are we?

We went to school in upstate New York and it was there that we developed a passion for the buffalo wing. Many years later that craving has not gone away. We love our wings so much that we thought it would be a very good use of the iPhone and internet to create a wing locator. We hope you do too!

What is a wing connoisseur?

Ask anyone that has ever had their mouth water at the memory of particularly spicy wings…Ask the guy who is sweating profusely over a plate of wings and is enjoying every minute of it…Ask the person that ordered wings and goes suddenly silent in the understanding that these wings aren’t as good as other wings they’ve had elsewhere…Ask the person that kept on eating those ridiculously hot wings fully knowing that six to eight hours later they would be screaming in agony. Ask them if you don’t know the answer yourself. Ask them if you are not a KLUCKR.

But, if you ARE a KLUCKR, you understand all of the above. You’ve been there and you look forward to going back, again and again.

Kluckr is for the guy or gal that is looking for good wings in an area theye don’t know. They are ready to add the little haunts and dives that serve the best wings to their repertoire of best kept secrets. We know they are out there and we need you to tell us about them. But don’t worry, we’ll make it easy for you…we will award you points for you to exchange for rewards down the road(hopefully). That’s right. Be proud of your knowledge, wing connoisseur. Share it and we shall reward you.

Why wings?

We believe that people actually like to talk when it is something interesting and debatable. Wings are just that. They involve all our favorite past times (sports, beer, bars and blue cheese). And when the perfect storm comes together it sometimes…very rarely…involves women who love wings.

Our hope is that we have created a fun way for people to find their favorite wing joint. We have lots of plans for Kluckr and look forward to getting lots of feedback from you. We will read every comment, so bring it on.

What’s in it for me?

Remember if you tell your fellow wing lovers about Kluckr…you get points. If you add locations you get points.  So do it, you ol’ Kluckr!