Tis the season to be with the family. For better or worse. 

Deck your halls and when nobody's looking, go with that one relative you get on well with and sneak out for a beer and some wings.

From all of us at Kluckr...

Merry "whatever particular holiday you might be having"

Moment of Zen

Does anyone truly understand the importance of places like Domino's,Applebees, Outback Steakhouse, etc? We think not. So lets explain:

In my studies with the great wing master Kluckrtava, he once said "there is no great wing without a really crap wing". I pondered this for many days and nights on a lonely mountaintop and all was revealed. Basically it sums up as this:

There is a ying and yang out there, a balance, if you will, in the wingdom and in order for nature to have that balance there must be bad wings along with good wings. Otherwise what is the use of being a wing connoisseur if all wings are great. Makes you think!

So my fellow Kluckrs know that it is these terrible wing places that allow the great wing places to shine. So acknowledge them, review them, give them a chance at wing redemption. Keep adding the great wing places so that the bad wing places move down the list.

Long live the wing!



Thanks to all you Kluckrs out there, the Chicago Tribune did a story on us. We had about 50 new places in Chicago added in the last two days alone.,0,4415421.story

Keep on Klucking. This database is getting better everyday because of you.

Long live the wing!!!

As it turns out I was kidnapped by aliens that offered me a mind altering drug that had the side effect of making my blogs painfully "dreary"(yes thats a mother told me so). 

Its ok though as I was hit by a bus and got a note from my Marketing director telling me to step it up a notch and pull my thumb out, etc. So thumb is officially pulled!

With that said We got the worst review in Christiandom(sp?) from a site that reviewed the app. He gave one whopping star. I think we are, according to him, so low we could crawl under a pregnant worm. I actually agreed with a couple of the comments he made on the app but I certainly didnt agree with the rating. This is the first bad public review we have received our licks and will listen to what is being said and try not to take it personally.

Things we learned:

-The site is not complete and has some chains in it that make it look cheap(Fair, however we are a social site driven by the great Kluckrs that add places every day so please remove the lance from rib)

-The reward system is not clear (Touche, you got me. We are working on it however Visa, ESPN, Anheuseur Busch and Coke havent returned our calls) so for now points are only points though if you want a t-shirt and we have them in stock I will send you one.

-He had some other helpful content but then the one star guillotine came down hard. 

Just to be clear we rated a 4 out of 5 star and an 8 out of 10 on other review sites so we are ok.

So the guy that wrote the review is not a bad Kluckr...just called it the way he saw it.

We are learning so keep on adding places knowing that we arent perfect yet and there is no way we could be...

Your big ol Kluckr

-Torch (sorry from the transition from first to third person..I didnt sleep last night.)

OK this is from my wife...She demanded that i post it and it is pretty funny.

For any wife, girlfriend, mother . . . 

Its day 4 of this years holiday vacation and your husband/boyfriend/friend has tinkered with the car, cluttered up your house, and played xbox for 1 too many hours. . . You are ready to get him out of the house but don't want to cause a jolly disagree. . .MEET the best gift you can give yourself! A guilt free pass to get your man out of the house - KLUCKR WINGMAN GIFT BOX! With a hall pass to get the kids involved if needed:)He gets out of the house, kids are to bed. . .maybe you can grab a book and a bath and have an evening to yourself and he'll think you're doing all out of the kindness of your heart (with a smile). Its not about wings- its about a peace of mind for you:)

XOTorch's Wife