Torch here, giving you the inside line on Campbell’s new Kickin’ Buffalo-Style Chicken Soup. Yes fellow Kluckers, you have read this right, everyone’s favorite soup-standard is braving the burn — or are they?

 Chunky Chicken Wing

Yes, I admit the afternoon I decided to give this soup a shot was of course another day filled with furious wing-cravings. Sooo, I excitedly set my sights on this new soup as my possible “Quick Wing Fix” for those times that there is no Buffalo Sauce Laden Deep Fried Goodness immediately on-hand. Was it ready to be the fluid doppelganger of the beloved spicy bar food, nooooooo. Was it a soup that was pleasantly consistent with Campbell’s safe and comforting line of quality, well-known soups? Most definitely.


As the name states it is a Buffalo-Style” chicken soup. So once served up in a bowl you will notice the very familiar buffalo-style coloring along with a slight flavor nod to the beauty of all that is buffalo.  Past these unique styling’s, the soup is a pleasant almost-cream of chicken soup with a hearty helping of healthy mixed vegetables and chicken in every bite. As a friend was quick to state, you can’t expect a titanic tongue grappling tang and heat that is too much for most. This is everybody’s classic standby and it has to be fit fir fans from 5-to-95.


So, your outspoken winged confidant gives this a high-five in keeping with Campbell’s comfort-filled line, but cannot in good conscience say that it will be a spicy poultry placebo. No folks, there’s still nothing to take the place of the wing as we know it. But, on a cold day, a nice hot bowl of Campbell’s Buffalo-Style
Chicken Soup may be just what the doctor ordered, especially if it is Doctor Mom.

As a wing lover I like to think that I am not just a hot wing eating machine, but someone that appreciates the finer things. And, in this case I want to recognize the beautiful ladies that grace the walks of wingdom.

Hot Wing Waitresses

Not only do they bring us the fried goodness that we love, but they add that extra bit of spice and fun that adds to any great wing experience.

Hot Waitresses For All

Why, in recognition of our up-coming Nation's Big Day on the 4th of July, I also want to point out that even Captain America is not impervious to the scorching heat of some of these beautiful, charming barmaids. Check it out:

Captain America and the fire

Last, but not least, a few more of our beloved Wing-Toting Women that make our days that much brighter! Have a Happy 4th Y'all. Torch out! 

Hot Waitress

Wing Waitress Galore

So my fellow Kluckrs, like our beloved buffalo wings, I like to celebrate certain timeless mainstays
that continue to rock hard decade after decade. In this case, I am referring to Atari and their now
4 decades of Video Game goodness!

Atari 40th Anniversary Logo

Even if this was out way before you were born, there is no denying the fun that can be had playing Pong,
Pac Man, Joust and many more of their legendary titles on the always popular Atari 2600. Why I believe that 
given the choice Pac Man would've definitely munched on something much better. Any ideas?

Pac Man WIng Munchin' 

Yes, wings my friends. So in honor of Atari's 40 why not break out an Atari if it
is still hidden away in the attic, grab a few dozen fried hot wings and let the competition
heat up! I think we all know the games and like it or not would have a blast playing them.
So I am about to blast some Space Invaders out of the sky like they were trying to go for 
my batch of buffalo's finest. So game on everyone, it's time to celebrate in old school style!
Atari games and joysticks 

Okay Guys, I will keep this simple. When I say wine rack you may not think cool, but check this out:


Transformer's Wine Rack


Someone built it and had it on Craigs List or Ebay. $6,000 cool, depends on what the wallet's feelin' like.
But, does it rock all other Mother Kluckin' wine racks...OH HELL YES! Innovative Transformer building man, we salute you! Okay, Torch out!


For all those who don't know, Lebron james and the Miami Heat owned the courts and became this year's NBA Champions.
Now, you may not know, but I torch am not a die-hard basketball fan. But...when THE HEAT is on I am definitely going to
give a fine-feathered salute! Like a Ghost Chili or a Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, Lebron brought the fire!

Lebron and the fire

Now I've got one last thing to say and then I will include a little victory dance in honor of THE HEAT! First, I saw a joke and now
that THE HEAT is victorious, I think a lot of people may be whistling a different tone. The joke was:

Why does Lebron James only eat boneless wings? Because he tends to choke.

Sorry guys, no choking at the finale of this season. THE HEAT was on fire and that includes the man Lebron. And now, for the victory dance...

The Victory Dance

When asked if he liked it, this was Lebron's reaction! Once again the world sees that sometimes you just gotta love THE HEAT!

Lebron is Excited